Individually tailored software for your vehicle on our dynamometer.

Do you want higher performance for your vehicle? With software optimization, you can unlock up to 30% more power from a car. This process involves accessing the stored data on the car's central control unit.

For this reason, many stock engines have unused reserves in terms of performance. With software optimization, we tap into these reserves of your car, and you can expect up to 30% more power from your vehicle.

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Automobilhersteller müssen bei der Entwicklung eines Motors/Automobils auf verschiedene Probleme der Massen- und Serienfertigung Rücksicht nehmen. Hierbei müssen die Hersteller Kompromisse eingehen, wodurch die Fahrzeuge herstellerseitig nicht ganz optimal abgestimmt sind und es zu einem geringeren Wirkungsgrad der Motoren kommt. Resultate sind erhöhter Kraftstoffverbrauch und nur durchschnittliche Leistungsausbeute.

1st compromise – Manufacturer's Marketing Department:

The sales and marketing departments of a manufacturer provide guidelines to the development department for a new engine to be developed. This includes forward-looking performance reserves that can be utilized for a future facelift, a new model, or a parallel model in the future or even now.

2nd compromise – Global Market:

Reserves are included for countries with low-quality fuels (low octane rating or impurities) and reserves for local environmental factors such as extreme heat, extreme cold, high humidity, and low air pressure. This means that an engine planned for 140 horsepower is actually developed to produce 180 to 200 horsepower.

3rd compromise – Manufacturing Tolerance:

Nowadays, automotive manufacturers collaborate with many specialized supplier companies. These supplier companies are allowed to produce their products within an agreed-upon tolerance range. This range includes both positive and negative tolerances. If we think from the perspective of a supplier, we would always produce a product that falls within the tolerance range that is most favorable for us as the supplier. When applied to manufacturing, this means that an engine ordered with a compression ratio of 10:1 is actually delivered with a lower compression ratio of 8.5:1. The supplier, in this case, is on the 'cheaper and safer side'.

4th compromise – Engine Control Software:

The supplier of the engine control software, as the last hand involved with the engine, also programs with a 'safety-first' approach. In their calculations, they assume that, in the worst-case scenario, all negative manufacturing tolerances and external influences could come together. This inevitably leads to a lower efficiency.


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Individually tailored software for your vehicle: Tested on the dynamometer with a warranty.

At PANTHERA AUTOMOTIVE, you get chiptuning directly from the developer. Whether it's an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Ferrari, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat, Citroen, Smart, Volvo, Opel, Ford, and more – we certainly have a way to boost the engine performance of your vehicle.

Over the years, we've accumulated expertise and applied it to various vehicle brands and engines. It's thanks to the tremendous dedication of our team that we can offer performance enhancements through map optimizations for a wide range of different cars. We specialize in chiptuning for all types of petrol, turbo-petrol, and turbo-diesel engines.