Exhaust Sound Booster for a richer sound for your system.

Are you looking for a suitable exhaust sound for your car?

With our Exhaust Sound Booster, the PANTHERA LEO ACTIVE SOUND SYSTEM, you can confidently end your search. Using realistic sound files always synchronized with your engine speed, our ACTIVE SOUND GENERATOR simulates high-quality, rich, and full-bodied exhaust noises. The perfect booster for your vehicle!

You can even choose the sound for your vehicle yourself. With our specially developed smartphone app, you have the option to select from numerous high-quality exhaust sounds from various sports and supercars to boost the sound of your vehicle

Leo Active Sound System

The installation of our ACTIVE SOUND system is particularly quick and easy. The speakers that transmit the selected sound can be mounted both inside the vehicle and externally in the rear area as desired. The exact number of installed speakers is up to you, with up to four speakers that can be mounted in parallel on a vehicle. Power for our exhaust sound booster is supplied through ignition plus and constant plus using provided adapters (Plug&Play) at the vehicle's fuse box.

Afterward, you simply need to plug in the OBD-II adapter in your vehicle, and then you can enjoy the full exhaust sound on your vehicle. No changes are made to the existing vehicle electronics, and no soldering on the CAN bus in the vehicle is necessary for installation. So, your vehicle can be easily restored to its original condition with just a few steps at any time. Our exhaust sound booster does not affect the existing warranty for your vehicle.


All our sound files were recorded from real vehicles on a 'high-end' acoustic test bench.

The soundfiles

In the development of our Active Sound, our goal was to generate the most realistic vehicle sound possible. We spared no expense and effort, recording real vehicles on a high acoustic test bench. We promise an almost lifelike sound experience that is second to none.


The method

The Panthera Leo Active Sound Generator is globally unique because data acquisition occurs wirelessly via the OBD2 interface. The adapter transmits this data to our sound module via Bluetooth. In its latest version, the Leo 6.0 features a sophisticated audio engine capable of reproducing genuinely recorded engine and exhaust sounds. Additional effects like 'Realistic Mode,' throttle or load-dependent volume, and simulated 'misfires' can be activated as desired.

The installation

Thanks to our OBD solution, installation is quick, easy, and straightforward. The sound generator can be mounted as desired, either inside the vehicle's interior or in the exterior area. Power is supplied through a simple connection to ignition plus using provided adapters (Plug&Play). Subsequently, the OBD-II adapter is plugged into the vehicle, and the rest is handled wirelessly by the system. Since no changes are made to the original vehicle electronics, and no soldering or crimping on the CAN bus is required, installation can be performed by individuals with technical knowledge. Reverting to the original condition is always possible. We guarantee that our Active Sound System does not cause a loss of your vehicle's warranty.


High Speaker Boost

Experience an even more realistic sound experience with the HIGH SPEAKER from PANTHERA. This speaker extends the range and reproduces high tones even more clearly and realistically. The perfect addition to our PANTHERA LEO ACTIVE SOUND or included as a complete package with the 6.1. Installation takes place on the exterior of the vehicle and is quick and easy due to its compact size.

Panthera Connect App

For a personalized sound experience, we recommend using the PANTHERA CONNECT APP. Here, you can customize 10 different sound profiles and select various sound files. Volume, engine speed, idle speed, misfires – all easily adjustable and user-friendly with the PANTHERA App. In addition, you'll always stay up to date and be informed about updates. Updates can be performed anytime through the app.


App overview

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1 Firmware version

Installed firmware on the Active Sound module.

2 Volume

Volume at idle and at maximum RPM.

3 Soundfile

Choose your file for the perfect sound.

4 Klanganpassung

Höhen- und Tiefenanpassung des Active Sound Geräusches.

5 Engine start accompaniment

Setting for increasing the sound at engine start.

6 Selection of the sound file

Menu for selecting from various sound files that can be assigned to individual profiles.

7 Current profile

Up to eight profiles freely configurable, three of them - Eco, Sport, and Race - selectable via remote control.

8 Active Sound Settings

Adjustment of data acquisition for electric, hybrid, or internal combustion engines. Activation of additional functions, adjustment of misfires, profile reset.

9 On / Off

Button for complete deactivation or activation of the Active Sound System. The selected profile remains intact.

10 Backfires

Simulated misfires in the exhaust sound based on various engine parameters.

11 Real Modus

For a realistic sound.

App overview


Active Sound set with app control and everything you need for installation.

Real vehicle sounds recorded on a high acoustic test stand.

Sound generated by engine speed and load.

Freely configurable sound profiles.

Controllable via app and remote control with profile buttons.

Easy installation thanks to plug & play.

Effects like misfires and real mode.

No loss of the manufacturer's warranty, as there is no alteration of the vehicle's electronics.

Transferable when changing vehicles

Always up to date through software updates.

No soldering or clamping on the CAN BUS necessary.


In everything we do, we believe that perfection lies in the sum of all details. That's why we develop our innovative products ourselves and have them all produced with the highest quality - a true 'Made in Germany.' Our solutions for enhancing the fascination of vehicles are designed for end customers, dealers, and even the entire automotive industry. Our product portfolio continues to expand with the development of new technologies and is a meaningful addition to any vehicle at a fair price.


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