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Panthera Automotive GmbH has been synonymous with exceptional quality in electronic engine management for many years. It all began with "classic chiptuning" (nowadays known as software optimization), followed by the idea of packaging it in the form of a "plug & play" additional control unit. The result was our chip-tuning box "Panthera Tigris." In the subsequent years, as fuel became more and more of a luxury, the idea of an eco-tuning box with the goal of maximum fuel savings was born. This makes our products not only interesting for the tuning scene but also for businesses. Vehicles of all kinds benefit from the installation, whether it's trucks, cars, motorhomes, taxis, or fleet vehicles.

The success in this sector confirms our forward-thinking approach. We are proud to have been one of the first providers of eco-tuning boxes on the market.

Over the years, we have introduced other innovative products, such as our Power Pedal "Panthera Pardus" for optimizing throttle response or the V-Max module "Panthera Onca" for removing factory speed limits.

Our newest and most innovative product is our exhaust sound generator "Panthera Leo." This sound generator produces a roaring exhaust sound, comparable to the sound of a V8, and it works with any stock diesel or gasoline engine.


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